Account Management that’s recommended

Account Management that’s recommended

Seabrook Crisps is a crisp manufacturer based in Bradford, Yorkshire. They employ around 150 people and have an annual turnover of £27 million.

The challenge

To provide the firm’s employees mobile phone contracts via O2. Active also look after the management of the business’ fixed land lines and call charges.

Why they chose Active

Seabrook say they benefit from Active’s partnership with mobile provider O2.

Takwirira Rinomhota, IT Manager, said: ‘We benefit from an O2 cash incentive that Active negotiate on our behalf. This helps with CapEx projects.’

Why they enjoy working with Active

Seabrook say they have a great relationship with their Active Account Manager and find that the customer service team are quick at resolving any problems they might face.

Our Account Manager is fantastic

‘Our Account Manager is fantastic,’ Mr Rinomhota said. ‘She knows our business and keeps us up to date with services that might be of use to us.

‘We have a strong relationship and feel we are well taken care of.

‘The Customer Support Team are also very efficient and respond promptly to queries.’

Mr Rinomhota said Seabrook were so impressed with the services they received from Active that they had recommended them to other businesses.

‘I would definitely recommend Active to others – we have already done. They are available, efficient and provide good value.’

‘We have a strong relationship with Active and feel we are well taken care of. They are available, efficient and provide good value. ‘I would definitely recommend them to others.’

Takwirira Rinomhota, IT Manager at Seabrook Crisps