Delivering professional, transparent service

Delivering professional, transparent service

SAS Daniels is a law firm with around 150 employees operating across the North West of England. They offer a variety of legal services, including Corporate and Commercial, Employment Law and HR, Dispute Resolution, Property Law, Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury and Personal and Family Law.

The challenge

To provide around 50 employee mobile phone contracts via Active’s partnership with O2, plus tablet and data services.

Why they chose Active

SAS Daniels have been using Active’s services since 2010.

David Wood, Head of IT Support, said the relationship with Active was already in place when he joined the firm and they have been so satisfied with the service that they have never felt the need to look elsewhere.

‘We’re very happy with the service we are getting from Active,’ Mr Wood said. ‘We see a breakdown of the bills every month and we’ve never had reason to look elsewhere.

‘The customer service is fantastic. Every time I need anything they are quick to answer the phone and sort it out.’

SAS Daniels say that Active’s understanding of their business is of real benefit to them.

‘It really helps that they understand how our business works. They give us full transparency of clients communications, which means that we can bill accurately,’ he said

‘Active make sure that we are able to use our management reporting suite to precisely record and, therefore, bill for time spent with clients both in person and via mobiles, which directly impacts our profitability.’

Why they enjoy working with Active

SAS Daniels say they doubt whether any competitors could improve upon the service they get from Active.

‘I’m sure there are lots of companies offering communication services like those provided by Active – but would anyone be able to improve on what we are getting from them?

‘I’ve only got good things to say about Active – they are true professionals.’

‘They are easy to deal with and their customer service is great. They are brilliant professionals, we don’t want to look elsewhere just to save a few pennies.

‘I’ve only good things to say about them. They offer a quick and reliable service and are easy to work with. I would definitely recommend them.’

 ‘I’ve only good things to say about Active. They are brilliant professionals and their customer service is fantastic. I would definitely recommend them.’

David Wood, Head of IT Support at SAS Daniels