Partnering with Active for the long-term

Partnering with Active for the long-term

AJ Bell is one of the UK’s largest providers of online investment platforms and stockbroker services. The firm, whose main office is in Salford Quays, Manchester, has 152,400 customers and over £36.3 billion of assets under its administration.

AJ Bell offers two main online platforms- Youinvest for individuals to control and manage their own investments online, and Investcentre, which are used by IFAs to manage their client’s investments.

The firm, which was formed in 1995, also own a specialist financial publishing business called AJ Bell Media in London, as well as a stockbroking business in Tunbridge Wells.

The challenge

Active has worked with AJ Bell for a number of years, following relationships with other telecoms firms.  However, when AJ Bell’s business mobile contract came up for renewal around 18 months ago, Active were the most competitive and won the overall management of the firm’s 100 business mobiles. Active also manages some of the company’s fixed line, 0345 and other virtual numbers.

Why they chose Active

‘We have worked with other providers  in the past, although Active have always remained with our business in some capacity. However, their involvement has grown again more recently with the acquisition of the business mobile contract.’

Active has saved AJ Bell around 15 per cent over the term of their contract

‘When we went out to tender Active were by far the most competitive at the time,’ Mr Merrie added. ‘They have saved us about 15 per cent over the duration of the contract, which we are very happy about.’

Why they enjoy working with Active

AJ Bell have a close relationship with Active and believe they offer them a service, rather than a hard-sell.

‘Active know our business very well,’ Mr Merrie said. ‘We have had the same Account Manager for a long time, we have a very close relationship.

‘Our Account Manager does a lot of the leg work for us. For example, when we were looking at introducing 0345 numbers they did a lot of the analysis for us for free. In the Active offered a competitive price so were happy to go that extra mile to help.

‘It also helps that they can come into the office to see us. We probably see each other once a quarter or if we are doing some contract work together they is easy to get in touch with at short notice.’

Good service, competitive pricing

Mr Merrie added: ‘We enjoy working with Active because of the good service we receive and because, when we went out to tender and did the market evaluation, Active came back with a very competitive package.

‘It is also to do with trust. I never feel like I am being sold to. They give us the facts, rather than a hard-sell. It always feels like a service. Active are straightforward, personal and friendly and I would be happy to recommend them.’

‘We enjoy working with Active because of the good customer service we receive and financially they are very competitive.’

Alan Merrie, Senior IT Services Manager at AJ Bell