How to sync contacts between a BlackBerry 10 device and Outlook

This page well to show you how to sync your contacts between your BlackBerry 10 device and Outlook.

To begin, you’ll need to ensure you are using BlackBerry Link. To get the latest version go to

On your computer, open BlackBerry Link and connect your device

Along the bottom toolbar, click your device

sync blackberry with outlook



Click the Settings Sync BB to Outlook 2 icon

In the Settings view, click ‘Synchronization’

Click ‘Configure’

Select the account that contains the contacts you want to sync with (Outlook, in this example) followed by clicking ‘Select Account’

Click ‘Configure’ next to Contacts and/or Calendar to set up sync preferences

If you want to choose additional folders to sync, click the Add Folder Sync BB to Outlook 3 icon

Click ‘OK’

Click ‘Sync Contacts/Calendar’

To synchronize again in the future, when you connect your device and open BlackBerry Link an option to Sync Contacts/Calendar will appear in the device menu along the bottom toolbar as below

Sync BB to Outlook 4