Tablets for business

Mobile technology is booming and tablets have quickly become an essential tool for businesses everywhere, allowing easy access to important applications and data on the move or simply as a means to improve productivity in the office. More cost effective than the majority of laptops and increasingly powerful, a recent study predicted that by 2016 corporate use will account for 18% of the global tablet market.

Mobility is the key feature of the tablet. Whether you’re on-site, off-site or simply on your daily commute, it gives you the flexibility to work and interact with customers whatever your location. The introduction of 4G has made the benefits of tablets for business use more apparent than ever before with increased upload and download speeds allowing for high definition video conferencing, the exchange of large files happening in seconds and mapping applications offering almost instantaneous results on the move.

Choosing the Right Tablet

Selecting the right tablet for your business depends upon the nature of your requirements. If you’re simply looking for a device that allows you to check your e-mails, produce documents or conduct simple online research on the move, then your device requirements will differ from the user who is looking for enterprise-level integration with wider business systems.

Offering an extensive range of devices from simple Wi-Fi enabled solutions to tablets geared up for 4G that have widespread access to superfast internet, here at Active we can assist you in selecting the right commercial solution and offer a bespoke package that perfectly suits your specifications.

Some of the devices we currently offer include:

iPad Air
20% thinner and 28% lighter than its predecessor, weighing only 469g, the iPad Air offers a crystal clear 9.7 inch Retina display in ultra-portable form. Offering access to Apple’s app store and up to 10 hours of battery life, the iPad Air offers desktop-class architecture for the mobile market.

iPad Mini
With over 3.1 million pixels all in a compact 7.9 inch form, the iPad Mini offers similar features to its bigger brother the iPad Air but in an even more portable package.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
Available in 10.1” and 8” varieties, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is an ultra-thin and ultra-stylish device equipped with a high pixel density WXGA screen that offers unparalleled clarity. Running on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, the 10.1” variety is powered by an Intel Atom processor designed to provide ample processing power ideal for resource-hungry applications.

Google Nexus 7
Thinner, faster and lighter, the Nexus 7 brings 2.3 million pixels into the palm of your hand and at a very affordable price point too. Weighing a meagre 270g, it’s small and compact enough to be taken anywhere.

If you’re interested in tablets for business, get in touch with Active today.