Roaming rebooted when travelling abroad

New EU regulations that came into effect on 1st July have led to all networks reducing standard roaming rates in Europe for making and receiving calls, sending a text messages and using data in Europe.

O2’s affordable call and data tariffs for travel in Europe are as follows –

O2 Travel

All the data you need for £1.66 a day (ex VAT). You’ll only be charged when you start using data and you can use as much as you like. It’s 41p to make or take a call, and then it’s free to talk for up to an hour. Texts are 4p to send and free to receive. To get it simply call 8008 to opt in.

Summary of costs

O2 Travel Europe Connection data Additional detail
Making calls in Europe (calls back to UK and calls in zone) 41p ex VAT per call After 60 minutes our standard UK out-of-bundle rates apply
Receiving calls in Europe 41p ex VAT per call
Using data £1.66 ex VAT per day You’ll only be charged £1.66 ex VAT for the days that you use data in Europe. There’s no upper usage limit, but traffic management steps apply. You daily data charge will apply from midnight to midnight UK time

My Europe Extra

For £4.25 a month and then a flat rate of 13.8p per minute, you can make calls in Europe and back to the UK. And it’s the same same whether you use a landline or mobile, whatever time you call and whatever network you’re connected to.

You can also receive as many calls as  you need, there’s no additional charge.

Where can you use them?

Both O2 Travel and My Europe Extra are ideal if you regularly travel and do business in EU countries, zones 1 and 2 (except Andorra for O2 Travel). Choose between the two and see which one suits your business best.

Travelling outside Europe?

O2 provides low-cost, fixed-rate data virtually anywhere in the world. All in a neat, flexible package which lets you use as much or as little data as you need, and you only pay when you start using data. Data limits depend on where you are in the world , and you’ll be notified about how much data you have left. If you run out it will auto renew, and if you are moving within different zones it travels with you.

Worldwide 24 hour Bolt On

You receive 200 MB of worldwide data for £7.50 for up to 24 hours. It’s ideal if you are –

  • Travelling outside Europe
  • Abroad for just a few days – you get to choose when the 24 hour period starts

Worldwide data Bolt On

If you need lots of data to use around the world but want to keep costs under control, the Worldwide data Bolt On gives 2GB to use over 30 days for a fixed cost of £12.0.00. It could be the best option if you’re –

  • Travelling worldwide
  • Abroad for longer periods
  • Tethering laptops and tablets to your phone to get the most out of your data allowance.

For more information contact our client services team on 0161 355 1717.