Audio, video & web conferencing solutions

Effective conferencing technology is an essential part of any business and offers a diverse range of benefits including reduced travel costs and commuting time while simultaneously increasing productivity. Constructive communication leads to quicker and better decisions and high quality audio, video and web conferencing solutions are now more affordable than ever.

Active Business offers a comprehensive range of bespoke and packaged conferencing services designed to meet the diverse needs of your business.

Audio Conferencing

Phone conferencing solutions are a great way to bring together and collaborate with clients, colleagues and suppliers regardless of location. Here at Active we offer tailored phone conferencing packages bundled with features ideal for meetings, training, sales and a range of other purposes. Reliable, secure and scalable, we can provide a solution that contributes to more effective core operations for your business.

Web Conferencing

Facilitating the ability to collaborate on documents, provide technical support and training, demonstrate products or deliver presentations, web conferencing can bridge the gap between audio services and the need to be physically present. Feature-rich suites such as Office 365 provide an integrated solution which allows you to combine video, audio and collaborative applications for a seamless unified experience.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing can change the way you do business, enabling face-to-face interaction ideal for building relationships, reducing costs and allowing a better quality of life for employees who would otherwise have to commute. Whether used for internal meetings, crisis management, delivery of consultancy or even as a tool for recruitment, video conferencing is a transformative technology accessible from any broadband connection.


If you’re looking to stream an event, presentation or webinar, Active offer a number of solutions that allow you to reliably deliver multimedia content to a range of audience sizes. From a small internal presentation delivered via your company’s intranet to a managed solution broadcast to a large audience over the internet, we can build a package which caters to your requirements.

If you are interested in our audio, video and web conferencing solutions, get in touch with Active today.