10 benefits a SV9100 telephone system could deliver to your business

1. Get a smarter workforce to future-proof your business

By linking up your office teams, home workers and field based sales team means a more reachable workforce and better communications means better business decisions. An expandable and upgradable telephone system lets you achieve this.

2. Define yourself from toll fraudDefine yourself from toll fraud

Toll fraud is on the rise, and costs UK businesses £1.2b per year. You can protect yourself with a built-in application for just £99.

3. Could abandoned customer calls be losing you business?

If so then identifying lost calls will enable your team to swiftly make a follow-up call

4. Cut your costs

Integrated audio and video conferencing lets you conduct your business from multiple locations whilst cutting travel and accommodation costs and most importantly saving time

5. Treat your customers like royalty

Caller ID and VIP priority will allow you to recognise and give your most important customers the attention they deserve

6. Get free applications

Free call management and productivity apps provide full reporting and include handy feature like IM and speed dials

Intelligent call recording7. Intelligent call recording

Benefit from secure access to call recordings, playback and storage

8. Manage team activities

Get a real-time snap-shot of all your teams’ communications, even remotely

9. Start using truly innovative handsets

The desk phone reinvented with a 7 inch colour multi-colour display, the G966 SmartDECT is a combination of DECT, WiFi and Andriod application in one handset.

10. Dramatically reduce business downtime

If your current system is partially obsolete and is becoming increasingly hard to fix, the cost in business downtime could potentially cost you more than a new system.