Internet and Data Connectivity

Today, almost every business needs reliable, fast broadband, internet and data connectivity. And by connecting organisations around the globe, the demand for business-ready broadband is greater than ever.

Software and hardware are getting ever more sophisticated. The requirements around data and information management are more significant than ever. Increased computing power and technological advances have made the use of large files commonplace. The rise of cloud computing means that staying in touch with cloud servers is vital for ongoing productivity. From keeping updated on social media, to downloading software, to video conferencing, businesses are using more online services than ever before.

This progress – which shows no sign of slowing down – can be a headache for companies who need sufficient speed and bandwidth without expensive overkill.

At Active, we provide affordable, reliable, business-ready broadband solutions, with all the bandwidth your organisation needs.

Our internet and data connectivity services

At Active, we provide and support a range of uncapped internet data connectivity solutions, tailored to your specific requirements.

Keeping you online and in control, all our connections come with explicit guarantees about uptime and downtime. With proactive response times, should you encounter an issue.

Our affordable, business-ready solutions include:

  • Business grade broadband. Affordable, reliable, business broadband solutions, with all the bandwidth your organisation needs. All day, every day
  • High-speed business internet (leased lines). Delivering speed and reliability improvements to your broadband connection, with a line that is 100% yours. Helping your business to succeed
  • Multi-site connectivity. Connecting individual offices privately and securely. With a link that doesn’t rely on slow speeds and unreliable connections
  • Mobile internet connectivity. Making the most of your employees’ time when they are on the move or working remotely
  • Hosting and co-location. Letting you securely house your IT hardware, while maintaining the same level of control as owning your own server
  • Domain name and website hosting. With lightning-fast speeds and all the bandwidth you need to keep your site up and running.

With Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing uptime and any issues dealt with quickly and efficiently, where appropriate, Active clients can also benefit from IT support contracts. Where, in the case of any problems, our engineers will attend your offices to apply a fix, or replace any necessary hardware.

In short, at Active we’re dedicated to providing you with a broadband service that guarantees ‘business as usual’, not ‘business as soon as possible’.