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Data security is a key concern for many businesses operating in the modern world. Alongside concerns about your own intellectual property and company confidential data, other elements to consider are local legislation and data protection laws, as well as ever-changing areas such as how to handle employee data interaction.

Our growth of the mobile workforce infographic lays out some of the concerns around our increasingly mobile business world.

With such a wide range of issues to consider, a simple piece of data security software or your IT team putting in place the latest update to your virus protection suite is no longer enough to keep you fully protected. Companies who are serious about data security now implement wide-ranging strategies that consider everything from data corruption to malicious attempts to access your company files.

Threats to your data security

Whilst, in the past, the main threat to your data came from viruses riding on the back of unsolicited emails, now the risks are greater, more developed and yet simpler at the same time. Protecting data against an attack is one thing, but how do you guard against an employee leaving a memory stick on a train?

Data security now takes in so much more than making sure your hardware and protection is up to date and properly protected. For firms who often work remotely or who encourage users to bring their own devices to the office, a whole new suite of problems can present themselves. Finding a wide-ranging solution that ensures you are fully protected is vital, rather than dealing with minor issues that may only gloss over major risks.

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Consider some of the numbers…

  • Every single day hackers produce around 250,000 new variants of viruses (source:
  • Figures from Sophos suggest that around 30,000 websites a day are being compromised by cyber bad guys. Many of those are the public face of an SME (source:
  • Small businesses are by far the biggest target for hackers, accounting for 85.7 per cent of UK data breaches (source:

Why not take a look at our ‘Cyber-War’ infographic for more statistics surrounding data security.

A thorough approach

Active provides a thorough risk analysis before recommending the optimal solution to limit the risks and deliver great performance. We will look closely at any existing strategy or software you have in place and analyse whether it is covering all of the angles that you as a business need to consider. We’ll then consult with you on implementing our recommended strategy, keeping your data closely protected at all times, through a variety of measures.

Four steps for complete data security

Active’s approach to keeping your data secure addresses every aspect of risk that your business comes into contact with. Our four step process covers all of your requirements, from every angle:

  • Consultation and policy – an effective data security policy that matches your exact needs is the first step. We work with you to put a policy in place that protects your business and your users. Policy is nothing without enforcement, so we will also consult with you about how to make sure your policies are adhered to through a variety of innovative solutions.
  • Hardware protection – whether it be devices, routers or servers, we work with firms to implement effective hardware protection in any situation.
  • Software protection – by protecting your own software and using software to protect your business, Active implements solutions that are right for your firm, your users and how you operate.
  • Support services – backup, data recovery and support services are a vital final step in the process. If something does go wrong, who are you going to call and what are they going to do to help? We’ll work with you to define an appropriate level of support that works in the right way for you.

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