McAfee Multi Access

McAfeeAs people increasingly work more flexibly, in more places and across more devices, perhaps the only downside to this is the rise in threats from viruses, malware and even identity theft. All of which pose a serious threat to businesses.

For small businesses that would find resourcing an MDM solution requiring administrative support a challenge, finding a solution to this threat is problematic. McAfee for Business however is the perfect resolution. The McAfee Multi Access app provides protection across any 5 devices with one license. Just one subscription can protect PC’s, MACs, smartphones and tablets for a cost effective £3.00 per month,

Search, shop, work and bank online with peace of mind

McAfee will prevent spam and phishers reaching your inbox, and will warn of untrustworthy websites too. It works across difference browsers including IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Smartphone and tablet securitySmartphone and tablet security

With McAfee you can safeguard Android devices from apps containing malware, and if your smartphone is lost or stolen, McAfee Multi Access can locate it, lock it or wipe it.

A better way to manage your passwords

When working across multiple devices, although having multiple passwords is good practice, trying to remember them is a headache, With McAfee you can create one master password to securely log in to all the others across multiple devices

Key features

  • Easy set up and single monthly £3.00 fee
  • Auto backup that’s easy to restore
  • Add and manage devices online
  • Flags untrustworthy websites
  • Works across multiple browsers
  • Stops spam and phishing email
  • Doesn’t drain battery
  • Lock or wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Password consolidation