Omniscience means knowing everything, everywhere. Believe it or not, for fleet operators, that’s exactly what we offer.

If you’ve not looked at fleet telematics for a while, you’ll find it’s far more than just vehicle tracking. Stand by to be amazed at what it can do for you, whatever the size or type of your fleet of vehicles.

The sheer amount of real-time data that is collected, processed, and usefully employed, by technology solutions really is quite impressive.

Because we are Tom Tom Business Solutions Gold Partners, we can provide you with a system that can track your fleet ‘live’ as it moves around a map giving you perfect information about the activities of your fleet, to the second and to the centimetre.

They say knowledge is power, but don’t worry about it going to your head because it’s the sort of power that enables only good deeds. And that applies to every aspect of your fleet’s activities.

For example, we can improve your drivers’ routing. With widely dispersed and ever-changing destinations and pick-up points, the raw computational power of telematics systems can work out the optimum routes from A to B to C, day-in, day-out, with total accuracy.

Of course, better routing means lower mileage, which saves on fuel. Since fuel is such a large pay-out for any business that needs to be mobile, even small savings can make a significant difference on the bottom line.

It also means less wear and tear on vehicles which will be reflected in lower bills in the repair shop and less down time.

Fleet telematics provides other savings you might not have considered. Lower mileage can trigger lower insurance premiums and, over the longer term, can even mean fewer accidents.

As any driver knows, the shortest route isn’t always the best. Sometimes going a few extra miles down the motorway can be cheaper and faster and our vehicle tracking systems can work this out for your drivers.

It can also take into account current traffic conditions, congestion, and accidents, and help your drivers avoid it. This reduces driver stress, maintains delivery punctuality and helps manage customer delivery expectations.

Our systems can even reduce the kind of harsh acceleration, braking and cornering that put unnecessary stress on engine parts and tyres, and also increases fuel consumption.

At first sight that may seem a touch big brother – but the results are totally positive for both parties. Your staff have fewer accidents and speeding tickets, and become better, happier, drivers. And your fleet enjoys lower maintenance costs and lower fuel consumption.