Desktop & server hardware

In business, the equipment you use is crucial to the success of your wider IT infrastructure. And your operations. But, as no two organisations are the same, when buying desktop and server hardware you have to determine what type, size and features work best for you.

If you buy the cheapest models available, you risk wasting your investment on kit that’s simply not up to the job. However, with cost a concern for most growing organisations, value for money and demonstrable ROI is key.

With a variety of different options and configurations to choose from, just how do you ensure the right hardware for your business?

Our desktop and server hardware services

With industry-leading procurement practices, we trawl and review the diverse range of hardware available, before recommending and creating a bespoke configuration that suits your business perfectly.

What’s more, when it comes to selecting the right server and desktop hardware for you, we have strong relationships with industry-leading names. All known for their functionality, reliability and performance.

As such, we can:

  • Provide unbiased expert advice on choosing the right desktop hardware and the very best in enterprise server solutions
  • Source, configure and install your hardware. Supporting your current and future operations and objectives
  • Modernise your network environment by delivering a versatile, efficient and resilient data centre
  • Provide hosting and co-location services. Letting you securely house your IT hardware, while maintaining the same level of control as owning your own server
  • Keep you up to date as to the latest technologies and how they could integrate into your existing infrastructure
  • Improve scalability. With hardware refresh and consolidation whenever you need it
  • Advise on screen, keyboard and mouse options to complete your technical requirements
  • Provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your hardware operational, secure and connected
  • Keep you in control so that you can be sure your network operates to your specification

In short we find, configure, install and manage the best possible IT equipment for your business. At the very best possible price.