Hosted Desktop

A Single Monthly Cost for All Hardware, Software and Support

IT Cloud delivers a hosted desktop, removing the need for traditional desktop PCs in the office environment, and reducing the cost of providing the services that you need. A hosted desktop looks and behaves like a regular desktop PC, but the software and data that you use are housed securely in the cloud, rather than on users own machines.

With Hosted Desktop solutions from Active, you can expect:

  • No up-front costs for hardware or software
  • Running latest software versions at no additional cost
  • Lower office running costs due to reduced power consumption
  • Flat monthly fee including hardware, software and support
  • Access desktop and data from anywhere at any time
  • Data secure from theft or disaster and constantly backed up

Stop wasting money on expensive equipment with help from Active. Our Hosted Desktop solutions give you the best in technology without massive capital expenditures.