IT networks

Your business might be changing fast. But the chances are the technology that supports it is changing faster, and this is especially the case with IT networks.

With outdated tech impeding operational performance – and leaving businesses vulnerable to security risks – keeping up to date with advancements in internet and data connectivity is vital to the long-term success of your business.

However, even if your organisation already has a network in place, it can be hard to work out just how to get the most from your existing infrastructure.

Whether you’re looking to make the most of your current set-up or starting from scratch, we can deliver the very best, versatile, efficient and resilient network solution for you. All at the very best possible price.

Our IT networks service

Making sure you get the best possible return on your investment, at Active we can advise on locally hosted and cloud based networks.

Starting with a conversation about your current infrastructure, we take the time to establish what you want to achieve. Moreover, wherever that conversation takes us, we’re just as comfortable with internal networks as we are with internet connectivity, broadband and leased lines. We can also provide WAN, MPLS or private IP data solutions.

Our experienced consultants advise organisations of all sizes on their network options, including:

  • Local Area Networks (LANs). Designed to serve a distinct geographic area – such as an office or other commercial establishment – you can rely on our wired and wireless LAN solutions for all your business data needs. Easy to install, cost effective to set-up and run, with speeds that keep your organisation working
  • Leased lines. Delivering speed and reliability improvements to your broadband connection, with a line that is 100% yours
  • MPLS Networks. For organisations working between multiple sites, communication between employees and offices can be tricky. With an MPLS network, your individual offices will be connected privately and securely. Increasing the speed of communications between your staff, improving the security of your data and boosting the reliability of all your internal communications
  • Mobile Networks. Connecting your devices to a mobile network, your employees will have access to real-time data and communications regardless of where they are. Helping your business to benefit from improved insights and faster decision-making
  • IP-VPNs (Internet Protocol-Virtual Private Networks). Providing a secure private network using the latest fixed and mobile technologies, with an IP-VPN, your organisation can benefit from cost effective connectivity.

With state-of-the-art networks key to IT and business performance, we help meet all your communication needs. Re-engineering your network from the ground up, minimising security risks and boosting performance.

And with established relationships with all the major network infrastructure manufacturers, you can rest assured that our network solutions are robust, secure and dependable.